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         The Website Online Mela (referred as is provided as a service to our customers and clients.

Following are the rules that govern

Kindly observe that the use of the website ( bounds you in an unconditional agreement to follow the prescribed rules and regulations.

Complying and modification of rules:

         • reserves the right to modify and alter the terms and conditions of the site without prior notice.
         • If you do not agree or not wish comply with any of the terms and conditions kindly do not use this website.

Use of the website:

         1. You must be at least 15 years old for accessing the website (
         2. All information provided (billing and registration information) must be accurate and truthful.
         3. Providing any inaccurate or false information will result in the breach of terms and conditions.
         4. By confirming your checkout at the end of the shopping session, you are confining yourself that you have agreed to              accept and pay for the Items your ordered.
         5. All material contents (such as images, icons, text illustrations, pictures and videos) provided are a portion of Online              Mela and are intended to be used for personal use and non-commercial use.
         6. You may not duplicate or replicate the content of Online Mela by modifying and morphing it for your commercial              use.
         7. All software and programming used is entirely the property of Online Mela and is protected by Pakistan and              International Copyright laws. The software used is only for the purpose to provide you the services of Online              Shopping.
         8. Modifying and altering the contents and the software of Online Mela is strictly prohibited.
         9. References of the third party sites(such as names, marks, products and other services) are solely provided to you as              expediency and is not in any possibility comply with Online Mela’s endorsements.
         10. Online Mela is not in any way is responsible for the practices and policies of the third parties and is not involved in                any kind of representations regarding the material or content linked with the third parties.
         11. Linking third parties sites is strictly prohibited and it’s on the complete risk of the viewer.

Recognition of orders and Appraising:

         1. Online mela reserves the right to cancel the order in any given time.
         2. You may be asked to give your information (cell/phone number, address, billing and mailing information) at the time              you are submitting your order. Information requirement is not limited to phone numbers and addresses.
         3. We are strong-minded to provide you the precise pricing information on our site.
         4. Error may still occur in such cases if the price is not correctly mentioned on the product.
         5. In case of the price disorder you will be contacted to inform the correct pricing.
         6. Online mela also reserves the right to cancel or refuse the submitted order even the order has been confirmed with a              payment from debit/credit card.

Shipping or freight charges:

         1. Free Cash on delivery is offered by Online Mela only in Pakistan (maximum amount: Rs.20,000/=)
         2. For international shipments the freight charges will be informed to you as the charges provided by the International              Courier services changes on daily basis.
         3. Tax duties and customs charges levied as the parcel reaches the final destination should be paid by the customer.
         4. We would like to assure the privacy of the information provided by all our customers (domestic and international).
         5. As the tax and customs policies are different for every country, Online Mela likes to inform our customers that cross              border dispatching and deliveries are subjected to be opened and inspected as prescribed in the laws of the recipient’s              country.

Return and refund policies:

         1. Online mela is not offering any kind of return or refund policies.
         2. However, if the quality and inspection department finds any fault in any of the content or item dispatched Online Mela              will make necessary arrangements for its return or refund.

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